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How it works

Our flexibility is our key to make the process as easy as possible, You tell us what you need and we will listen. 

Home Care Services


Live-in Home Care

    Caregiver will live with the patient in the comfort of there own home. They will be staying with the patient  on the days that are requested.They will be given a proper orientation about the patient's needs. They will be provided with Journals where they can put in there observations and daily activities of the patient. 

1. Client needs to provide a space for the caregiver to rest and for her belongings.

2. Client provides some food because at times caregivers are responsible for there food of preference.

3. Client needs at least minimum of 6 to 8 hours per night.

Hourly Home Care

    Caregivers clocks in at the specific schedule that are requested. 

         We have different shifts available, 

               AM and PM shifts - regardless of the number of hours that are requested. 

               We have a 4 hour minimum per day 


         you will not be responsible for there food.

         Time sheets are required to be initialed and signed.for accurate billing

         Caregivers will be in uniforms with there proper identification

Recovery Assistance

       This is an original service from Pink Angels Home Caregivers. 

   This service is particularly for patients that are coming home from the rehab or hospital that needs recovery back to there independent living. Nothing is more fulfilling than accomplishing a goal to success, being independent is something that everyone wants. 

         This service is a short term care from a caregiver, 

          The caregivers will be with the patient for 24 hour care. 

          Consistent routine and medication reminders

          The motivation of a caregiver with a positive energy 

          Proper Diet and support from Pink Angels 


Pink Angels Home Caregivers Inc.

 provides these non-medicalsupervised services to the patient at home:


  • Non-skilled Home Care

  • Home makers

  • Companions

  • Hourly Care (customized schedule)

  • Live-in Companions

  • And many other services  

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