Pink Angel Home Caregivers Inc                    The most committed and sincere      Home care Agency

My name is Jacqueline Calleja-Linarez, and I am the founder and CEO of Pink Angels Home Caregivers Inc. back in December 2010. From there, I built everything one step at the time. It was not easy, patience and hard work and dedication kept me moving, May times doubted myself if this is really something that I can handle. Prayers kept me going and paper works are getting done, process and learning experiences, ups and downs, trial and error, at times mistakes and disappointing choices. Through the years God prepared me to come this far, I know there will be more in the future but this time I am more ready to provide the sincerity and commitment of care. 

I always advice my caregivers of what I have learned, is that everything comes from the heart, Caregiving is not from a book, Its mostly from EMPATHY. 

EMPATHY is the 1st ingredient in CAREGIVING.

KINDNESS to everyone.

RESPECT is what everyone deserves

L O V E is what makes us TRUST

This are the qualities that i have learned, and I proudly have. This gave me the reason to believe in myself that I can and will build Pink Angels with God's guidance.

This are also the qualifications I am looking for from all my caregivers, because this is what everyone deserves.

COMMITMENT is something i realized that almost extinct now a days. It is something very comforting to the families that I work with and to the patients I care for. Everyone wants a piece of that peace of mind. and the feeling of " I will not be alone" or It will be okay.